Our intelligent and accurate algorithms turn complex charts into profitable plays, minimizing losses and maximizing profits

Any Time, Any Market

Our indicators work with real time data on any market. Just make a free TradingView account and sign up with us today.


MechaAlgo was created to assist any type of trader on a day to day basis.

This tool will enable you to find more accurate potential entries and exits within any type of market, and our extensive range of features will ensure you can visualize your trades on a deeper level.


MechaOscillator is the companion to our main script MechaAlgo.

Using the oscillator along with MechaAlgo will allow you to boost your overall understanding of any market, and make more informed decisions as a trader.

The All In One Trading Solution

Our feature packed indicators and premium Discord group ensure that we are the only trading service you will ever need.


Full access to both of our advanced indicators on TradingView. This includes both MechaAlgo and MechaOscillator.


11+ analysts alerting signals for options, stocks, crypto, forex, and more. All analysts are thoroughly checked prior to hiring in order to bring only the highest quality alerts to our members.


Partnership with Trading Assistant to further assist any trader in our Discord. The Trading Assistant tool can provide sentiment, financial data, company profiles, and more for any ticker & timeframe.


24/7 live news provided instantly through bots within our Discord server. This enables any trader to stay up to date with the most important news that may impact the stock, options, crypto, or forex markets.


Real-time Options Flow for tracking smart money transactions. This tool helps you trade along with institutions by monitoring their orders live.


Important educational resources for all traders regardless of experience. These resources include 1 on 1 support as well as an extremely detailed online documentation describing the indicators and how to use them.


Using the MechaTrade indicators gives you the opportunity to set alerts through TradingView for any ticker and timeframe. We offer a multitude of alert types, and you can have them alert you through email, SMS, in-app popup, or even webhooks.


MechaTrade as a group and its respective products are constantly evolving to meet trader needs on a daily basis. Members can request features at any time, and the best ones are voted upon and implemented.


We are always available to help with signup and general questions. You can reach out to us at any time through our server or through email at


I am new to trading and MechaTrade along with this server have tremendously improved my win rate along with my general understanding of the markets and charts in front of me. I am so glad to be here and I highly suggest this product & group to anyone thinking about joining!


MechaAlgo is in my opinion emerging to be the best algorithm in the market. With consistent gains and an amazing winrate you can expect clarity and efficiency at its pinnacle. There's already tons of proof just see for yourself. Lemon is an amazing honest guy that wants to bring something new to the world of stock, option, and crypto trading and MechaTrade is just that. 100/100


The algorithm has been an incredible help to my trading, especially using it for exit points as it has kept my losses to a minimum. While the algo is incredible, the community of users is even more so. I have developed a new found enthusiasm for my trading through my contact with this community. I look forward to the future with this product. I think its low priced and well worth the money.


MechaAlgo is a great trading tool to use along side the other indicators and knowledge that you have. It is very accurate and helps to confirm any trade ideas that you have. Also Lemon has been working very hard on it for a long time and will continue to improve upon it as he finds ways to make it better and as more people share suggestions with him. Great tool and great owner don't hesitate to join and give it a try.


MechaAlgo is by far the best algo I've ever used, it is my best tool when trading. Using it right has helped me raise my accuracy by 10% in just 2 weeks, it's honestly amazing.


Personally I am extremely grateful to Lemon for allowing me the opportunity to purchase Lifetime during the beta testing phase. MechaAlgo has allowed me to improve my winrate tremendously, and it does a lot of my TA for me to the point where I can finally feel confident in my trades. On top of the amazing product provided, the inside of the Discord group is also incredible, and there is plenty more to come. I highly recommend this product to anyone considering purchasing it, and I can't wait to see where the group and algo goes from here.




$59.99 / month

Save 20%
  • Access to Discord server
  • Access to both MechaTrade indicators on TradingView
  • All features listed above
  • 24/7 support
  • 24/7 support


$149.99 / 3 months

Save 20%
  • Access to Discord server
  • Access to both MechaTrade indicators on TradingView
  • All features listed above
  • 24/7 support
  • Billed once every 3 months


$504.99 / year

Save 30%
  • Access to Discord server
  • Access to both MechaTrade indicators on TradingView
  • All features listed above
  • 24/7 support
  • Billed once every year



Save 20%
  • Access to Discord server
  • Access to both MechaTrade indicators on TradingView
  • All features listed above
  • 24/7 support
  • Billed one time


  • All
  • Options
  • Stocks
  • Crypto
  • Forex

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up?

    Once you purchase any of our plans, your license key will automatically be bound to your Discord account and you will be redirected to our dashboard.

    From here you can enter and save your TradingView username in order to gain indicator access. You will also now be able to view our full Discord server and use all its features

  • Yes! MechaAlgo and MechaOscillator work on all markets including stocks, crypto, futures, indices, forex, currencies, and commodities along with all time frames as long as TradingView has it available.

    As for trading style, MechaTrade was built with all traders in mind. This means you can apply our indicators to any form of trading, and you can even blend our indicators in with your own strategies.

  • Between our informational Discord group and advanced trading tools, we believe that our product is extremely useful to any trader, regardless of their skill level.

    We also offer 24/7 support within our Discord, as well as tutorials on how to use MechaTrade and trade with it.

  • Typically most MechaTrade users have found incredible success immediately after signing up for our product, but this may not be the case for everybody.

    While we truly believe that our product is the greatest on the market, we cannot guarantee that you will profit with any of our tools or resources. Everything we are was built from the ground up with traders in mind, and we have worked hard as a company to deliver excellence to the highest degree, but we cannot make any promises further than that.

  • The free TradingView plan is all you need to use our product, but you may want to upgrade in order to improve your overall TradingView experience. You can upgrade today by clicking here.